Significant defense boost. A special shield that looks like a unicorn's head and neck, this shield spouts red, white and blue particles like a banner behind the player while equipped. Attacking with the shield causes the player to dash a short distance and the unicorn's head leans forward.


Americorn shield

Not as good as the shield, it will give you around +20 defence bonus, which is good but the main problem with this weapon is mastering the distance of the dash.

The dash will make you pass over enemies, and as a result you will be facing in the wrong direction making it hard to dodge attacks from enemies.

Since it gives you no attack bonus, it should be use for killing low level enemies.

It can be used also as a faster way of moving in the dungeon, but at some moments it will not be worth it.
Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.13.49 PM


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