Barkeep creature card
Health  ? HP
Damage  ?
Experience 1 XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Very Hard
Attributes Neutral, Cook
Loot Unknown

The owner of the Tavern (and by association, the dungeon and its treasure), the Barkeep can be found eternally cooking the same dish on the stove. His obsession over this dish leads him to granting the treasure-finding quest to capable adventurers, as the Barkeep is far too busy to take the challenge on himself. The Barkeep will stop at nothing to make sure this dish is eternally cooked to perfection, periodically taking it on and off of the heat. He is wearing a chef's hat (which is an unobtainable item) and an apron, carrying his trademark dish and a kitchen knife.

If provoked, the Barkeep will strike with his knife viciously, completely ignoring the dish that he's been working on diligently for so long.

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