Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 12.31.45 PM
Health  ? hp
Damage  ?
Experience  ? XP
Range Melee, Explosive AOE
Difficulty  ?
Attributes Hostile, Fast, Timed Explosion
Loot  ?

Bomblings are creatures often found on many layers of the dungeon or behind wall traps.


Bomblings are black and round like bowling balls with a blinking eye in the center and a fuse on top.


After the first hit on a bombling, its fuse will light and it will run in panic in random directions. If you don't kill it quick enough, it will eventually explode.

The best method to deal with them is to kill them quickly enough so they don't explode. Be sure not to be distracted by other monsters while dealing with a bombling.

If you cannot prevent it from exploding, it is a good idea to be in a hallway or in a different room when this happens.

One good strategy for dealing with bomblings is deploying a ranged magical weapon like a book; another is simply waiting for the bombling to go off. Whatever your strategy, be sure to be far away when the bombling detonates!

It is also possible to damage other monsters with the bombling so a good stratagy can be to light them and then run away!


- Added in Alpha Nymph

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