Classes Edit

Classes are unlockable player upgrades that are acquired by "saving" certain NPCs that you find in the dungeon. Bringing the NPCs back up to the Tavern will allow the player access to starting with certain items, though most of the item sets are currently unknown.

To play as a different class, change your weapon to the high five icon and press the attack button while standing by a class you unlocked.

The following is a list of available classes from the Kickstarter:

Set A Edit

* Wizard/Sorcerer - Because starting with Magic Missiles is AWESOME - lvl 22
* Doctor/Nurse - Support Class! - lvl 12
* Ninja - Shuriken! - lvl 24
* Knight - ...the Tank - lvl 10

Set B Edit

* Hunter - Starts with two wolfs! - lvl 19
* Cowboy/Girl - GUNS! - lvl 17
* Necromancer - Summon stuff! - lvl 21
* Bard - Has an Electric Guitar, Rocks Out! - lvl 14
* Brick M.Stonewood - ?? - lvl 25

Other Edit

* Neko-Mancer - ? - lvl 27

Class abilities Edit

Class Starting HP HP/lvl str(str)/lvl High Five? Spells? Guns? Rescue Level
Knight 150(200) 15 8(16) Yes No No 10
Doctor 100 10 1(2) No No No 12
Bard 100 8 2(5) No Yes Yes 14
Cowboy 100 10 5(10) Yes No Yes 17
Hunter 100 5 1(2) Yes No Yes 19
Necromancer 50(75) 5 1(2) Yes Yes No 21
Wizard 50(75) 4 5(10) No Yes No 22
Ninja 100 3 5(10) Yes Yes Yes 24
Brick M.Stonewood 100 10 2(5) Yes No Yes 25
Neko-mancer 100 10 5(10) Yes Yes Yes 27

Rescue Edit

All class NPCs will appear on their respective dungeon level (assuming the player has not already rescued them) in a blank room much like the merchant and the gambler rooms. The player must high five the NPC which will cause the dungeon to "activate", making many rooms repopulate with monsters or even new bosses. It doesn't seem to generate monsters outside of your depth level howerver. For example, if you have not gone deep enough\leveled up enough to find grim reapers or red spell wizards, you are not likely to find them on the run back to the tavern either. Rescuing the first few npc's is fairly simple but the later ones are much harder to rescue.

Before you start a run, head to the Options menu and click on the dwarf located near the screen's lower right side. A "Secret Dwarf" prompt will appear, and you can replace that text with skip #, where '#' is anything from 0 to 36 and represents the floor to which you wish to skip. Note that you can only do this before you begin a run. You'll head directly from the tavern to the desired level, and return to the tavern when you're done. If you do this along with making the game a " daily " type when choosing how youd like to play in the beginning will make unlocking classes much faster and easier as long as you memorize the layout and go right to them and back .

Be aware that some classes are not able to high five, making them worthless for rescuing other classes.

Also know that If you high five the rescued npc again, he will stay put for that room only. Going into a different room will cause him to enter the new room with you and be in follow mode again.

And finally, be careful. The rescued NPC's can die, though they can take a lot of punishment. It is highly advised to just summon monsters to deal with baddies or run past monsters to the doors quickly while they are hopefully distracted. If you are strong, you can clear the room yourself but try not to let the npc fight with you.

Rescuing NPC's who are only found deep in the dungeon makes this much more difficult as you will then be dealing with much harder hitting monsters and have a very long guantlet back to the tavern. Coffee mugs and giant\guardian spell books are your friend for this.

It is possible to rescue more than one NPC at a time. For instance, you can get Dave's Guitar on lvl 14, and on your way back, high five the Doctor in lvl 12, and then return to the tavern to unlock both The Bard and The Doctor at the same time.

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