Pets are animals that you can find in the dungeon. A feature added at a later release in the game, they were a goal reached during the Kickstarter. It was noted in the Kickstarter that you could tame them and use them to fight monsters and collect gold.

According to the Kickstarter, the following pets were planned:

* Wolf
* Bear
* Hawk
* Cat
* Rooster

Not all animals are tamable pets (see bat, snake). There is a goat named Garoof that is an NPC currently in the dungeon, but it is unknown whether or not he will be part of the pet system.

Pets are found in dead end rooms similar to the rooms where you find random NPCs and class units. To tame a pet, go through your inventory till you see pet/high five and use that on it. Once tamed, petting will switch them between stay and follow. The Bear will be an odd fat brown creature that seems to walk around yawning by itself, but the wolf is sometimes an entire pack and the rooster has a flock of hens. If you plan to tame something bigger and meaner, I'd suggest having a rogue hood to help you get closer safely, since one bite from the bear killed me. Not entirely certain, but one wiki editor thinks some of the animals are on a timer, that they'll stay calm a short while then become hostile to players if still un-tamed.

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