In Legend of Dungeon there are several stats to your character- Defense points are next to the shield icon and increase or decrease depending on items that you are wearing and potions you have consumed.  The more defense your character has, the less damage will be inflicted upon you.

How it WorksEdit


Defense works as a percentage out of 100. You have three modifiers that contribute to your total defense.

The first is your natural defense, which can be improved by Stone Skin potions or decreased by the Brittle Bones potions and damage from the Succubus.

The second is your held weapons' boost from the Safety or Protection enchantment, or drain on your defense from the Clumsy enchantment. Magic Books nearly always bring your defense down by 5.

The third is your equipped hats' defense.

Adding all of your modifiers together will give you your total damage percentage reduction. For example, having 30 defense means 30% of incoming damage will be diverted; you will take 7 damage instead of 10 and 70 damage instead of 100.

Be wary of Mummies, as they have a random chance of cursing your items or your person to lose protection or become clumsy and subtract protection away.

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