Deep Minotaur
Health 1000 HP
Damage  ?
Experience  ? XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Spawner, Boss, Floor 18
Loot Gold, Book of the Devil

The Devil himself. This Boss Monster Spawns on Floor 18.


A creature with red skin, beard, a pair of horns and a fearsome giant Hammer.


When he swings his Hammer to hit you it opens a portal that summons Succubi, Filth Demons and Tormenters.


Patrols a small area around him.

When an enemy is spotted it starts walking towards its target while sweeping its giant Hammer at them.


The Devil is a powerful and terrifying Boss to deal with from close range. However, even long range attacks like the Beam Visor can be of no use as they can summon various enemies to go after you. A quick way to dispatch them is casting Wyld's Tome of Vynes while hitting them with a long range sword. If the tome as not yet been acquired, than you can try to quickly slash him while running away. If The Devil is not alone and has other Devils near him, its best to leave them alone.

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