Filth Demon
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Health  ? hp
Damage  ?
Experience  ? XP
Range Melee
Difficulty  ?
Attributes Hostile, Slow, Confusion on Touch
Loot  ?

This demon casts you into confusion with a stab of his filth sceptre.


This demon looks like a degenerate Caesar: a short, fat, bald man with a big mouth carrying a sceptre. He reeks, and you can see the stench coming off of him.

Damage and TipsEdit

Simply to touch the Filth Demon casts you into confusion, the stench is so unbearable, so attack him with range weapons. Each hit from the Filth Demon takes only 1 or 2 points from your health, but because of your confusion he can take you down slowly or send you into lava or the attack of another monster. He has extremely high hit points.


- Added in Alpha Imp

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