Screen shot 2013-08-02 at 6.29.55 PM
Winner winner, apple dinner
Health  ?
Damage  ?
Experience None
Range Melee
Difficulty Very Hard
Attributes Friendly, Invulnerable (?)
Loot None

Frog the Gambler is an NPC who appears randomly like the Traveler, the Blacksmith, or the Merchant in the Item Shop.


The Gambler lets you bet 50 gold pieces.


After you step on the betting number, three boxes will appear. Break open the boxes and learn whether you won or lost. You can only choose one box so choose wisely. Although, if one were to swing a sword toward an adjacent box while pressed up against the closer side of, let's say the middle, one can break 2 boxes, doubling your reward!

It has been found you can get either a reward, nothing, or spawn an enemy from choosing your box. Here is a list of found results:

Good Results:

- Apples (quantity varies)

- Beer (quantity varies)

- Gold (quantity varies)

- Potion (color varies)

- Hat (style varies)

Bad Results:

- Nothing, the box is empty!

- Deep Minotaur! (Extremely rare, and VERY unlucky)

- Enemy, Zombie, Skeletal Warrior, Slime, Goblin

There also is a possibility that when choosing your box, you will get another box. Upon breaking that box there is another possibility that there will still be another box.

(Needs more research. Especially on possible enemies) 


- Added in Beta Orc


Decisions, decisions...

Vegas Baby

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