Giant Skull
Giant Skull
Health 2500
Damage  ?
Experience  ?
Range Melee, Ranged (Violet flying skulls)
Difficulty Impossible
Attributes Hostile, Flying, Melee, Ranged, Floor 26, Boss Monster
Loot Gold, Xp

The Giant Skull, Giant Floating Skull, Giant Creepy Floating Skull, or Giant Creepy Skull is a boss monster found on Floor 26.


The Giant Skull counts as boss monster. He spawns 10 Enchanted Skeletons when the player enters the room.


If you want to kill the Giant Skull you need very good equipment!

  1. One way to kill it is playing as Knight (or a different melee class that gets a good strenght bonus on Level up) . For this you will need to farm expierience on Floor 22. On foor 22 is the Robot boss who spawns smaller robots. These Robots have 1000 Hp and drop 80 xp each. Kill as many of those small Robots as you can without killing the boss. Do that until you have at least 700 base attack (carry an attack potion to fill up your base attack). Its always recommended to have a higher attack! Now the boss should go down in 4 - 5 hits. When you enter the room with the boss kill it as fast as you can before he spawns the Enchanted Skeleton, because they are the strongest part of the boss. (With this you will also have more than 1000 Health, so you dont have to worry about dieing.

Field NotesEdit

-Spawns 10 Enchanted Skeleton. When a Skeleton is killed he will spawn new ones.

-It has about 130 defense. So a sword makes 130 less damage on the boss than your normal attack


-Added in Alpha Cyclops

-Bump map fixed in Alpha Imp

-Made more scary in Alpha Jelly

-Added Enchanted Skeleton drop in 'Nearly Beta' Kitten

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