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Welcome to the Legend of Dungeon Wiki,

a compilation of information regarding the game Legend of Dungeon that anyone can edit!

This is a fan made, community run wiki for the roguelike/dungeon-crawler/beat-em-up/dungeon brawler game Legend of Dungeon by developer RobotLovesKitty.

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You and up to three companions are looking for treasure and glory in a dark flickering dungeon full of deadly monsters. Legend has it there is a massive treasure all the way down on the 26th floor. Your quest: get the treasure, and make it back alive. Which you won't, you'll die...

...the game is about dying, and treasure.

Getting Started

New to the game? Check out some quick tips at the Strategy page. Ways of conquering specific monsters can be found on their respective pages!

If you're having trouble remembering the various Potions' effects or Enchantments' properties, you can check out their pages as well.

The Game Edit

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Additional Information

Developer's official website and official devblog

Legend of Dungeon's Official Subreddit - /r/LegendofDungeon

Featured Content

This section will feature an item or a monster or fanart or something on a periodic basis.. soon as I figure out how to do so.

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