Health  ? hp
Damage  ?
Experience  ? XP
Range Ranged
Difficulty  ?
Attributes Hostile, Immobile
Loot  ?

Peashooters are a type of plant that reside mostly in the upper levels of the dungeon.


Peashooters are plants rooted on the ground of the dungeon. They have a long tube like mouth to which they use to shoot peas at their enemies. Peashooters are an obvious reference to Plants vs Zombies, a popular game.


Shoots homing peas, a projectile similar to magic missiles that do around 5 to 10 damage. The peas can be dispatched with a simple attack, much like other projectiles.  The peas dissapear after a few seconds - one plant can only have three in the air at a time.


Peashooters are immobile, but they can still turn left or right to track their targets. After spotting their target, they start to shoot homing peas at them. 


- Added in Alpha Cyclops