Giant Robot
Health 2000 HP
Damage 25
Experience  ? XP
Range Melee
Difficulty Hard
Attributes Hostile, Spawner, Floor 22, Boss Monster
Loot Xp, Gold

This boss robot is found on floor 22.


Large robot with big glowing eyes. He spawns flying droids and Robots.

Expierience Farming:

The Robot spawns Robots and Droids. The Robots have 1000 Hp and drop 80 xp each. Kill as many of those small Robots as you can without killing the boss. This way it is possible to gain over 100 Levels with more than 1000 Attack and Health.


Small Robot: Puff of smoke appears when Robot gets struck.

Bot Launch: Sometimes Robot launches Droids that fly around him and try to hit players.


Sometimes is deactivated until you approach


- Added in Alpha Bat

- No longer spawn in doors as of Alpha Cyclops



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