One of the best items you can find lying around in a dungeon, a large shield that boosts your defense greatly. It is, perhaps, one of the most effective melee weapons in the whole game due to its defensive qualties and offensive strategies. While wearing this shield you


become allmost inmune to all the monsters attacks though you can still be set on fire by flaming enemies. It is best used with other players, as one can actually become the "tank" of the group. Excercise caution around flying enemies, large enemies, grouped enemies, and magic missles as all of these have the potential to hit you from the side or behind and cause you damage.

The shield gives you about 22 points of armor and enables you to use a shield bash attack while active where you thrust yourself forward causing damage. Although the shield offers no attack bonuses, it will use your current attack stats for damage calculation.

There are currently two varities of sheilds: Tower Shield and the Americorn Shield .

Due to how the shield bash attack works you can sometimes get two (if you're lucky, three) hits off on an enemy. The shield remains "active" for a split second longer than you would expect, enabling you to whip around to an enemy behind you and cause damage to them when surrounded.