Health 100 (?) hp
Damage 15 (?)
Experience  ?
Range Melee
Difficulty Easy
Attributes Hostile
Loot None

Succubi are a type of enemy that appear in the middle/lower levels of the dungeon.


Succubus have the appearence of the mythological Succubus. The Succubus are purple-skinned, wearing black lingerie, and have a pair of horns. They are equipped with a whip, which they use to whip their enemies.

Abilities Edit

Basic attack that saps strength (?).


Succubus patrol the area, stopping occasionally to whip the ground twice.

When it spots an enemy, it walks towards them and attacks with a whip.


Succubi (plural) can be easily dispatched with a single hit that deals over 100 damage. By the time they are encountered such damage should have already been achieved. Stay away from their attacks as they can sap strength with each hit (?).


Alpha Imp - Added to the game.

'Nearly Beta' Kitten - Saps Strength on attack.

Alpha Nymph - Nerfed for being OP

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