The Traveler
Who is this guy anyway?
Health  ? hp
Damage  ?
Experience 0
Range Ranged
Difficulty  ?
Attributes Friendly, Ray Gun, Trader
Loot None

The Traveler is a mysterious fellow. He shows up randomly in his own room, looks a lot like a certain Time Lord that we all know and love, and is accompanied by a British style phone booth. It seems as though he's an easter egg novelty character like the guys that you meet in the tavern at the beginning of the game. He'll retaliate if you attack him, so watch out.

This NPC might be a reference to the British tv show Doctor Who, or the webshow parody of that show, whose title is very long. When killed by Doctor Who, it will say you were zapped by "Jean-Sebastien Royer", possibly a kickstarter request.


Sometimes he will give you something extremely useful in exchange for one of your items. Exactly which item you need to give him will change from game to game, although the type of item is always the same from game to game...(Figure it out once, and you've got the category of item to trade for the following games!) What he gives you can be pretty helpful, so it can be worth being patient and returning to try different items from time to time if you remember where he is! Just drop the items and wait for him to walk over them.

He can be killed, but does not seem to drop anything. "If you stand in the top right corner you can hit him without taking damage, but he doesn't drop his gun upon death." -A contributor.


When attacked, will take out a Raygun and will fire at the player. It has as much HP as a tavern NPC so do not attack as he will not drop any item either.


If you give him a certain type of potion (which changes each round) he will drop his sonic screwdriver, walk into the TARDIS and disappear along with it. Going through the trouble to find the potion however is not really worth it as his Raygun only does about 14 damage and is not very rapid, but does have infinite ammo.

History Edit

- Added in Alpha Nymph

- Given proper text in Beta Orc