Spell book (missile)
Health  ? HP
Damage 41
Experience 1 XP
Range Ranged (Special)
Difficulty Easy
Attributes Hostile, Caster
Loot Spell book (missile)

The warlock is an undead mage that inhabits the dungeon. 

Description Edit

The warlock is a talented mage of great power whose body has undergone significant change due to dealing with dark magics. His rotting flesh has turned a sickeningly green color and he wears a faded red mage robe and hood. His robes are held together by a brown leather belt and wears brown leather boots. He carries around a spellbook that has become weathered with age.

Abilities Edit

The warlock can cast a green magic missile that is larger than the ones the player's and deals significant damage.

Behavior Edit

The warlock tends to patrol the dungeon floor. He is always seen as having a magic missile armed, so the green light it gives off reveals its location. When approached, the warlock fires magic missiles while slowly walking backwards.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

The warlock is a fairly straightforward monster to conquer - his magic missile, while heat seeking, is easily destroyed with a single swing of a melee weapon. Getting in his face when his magic is cooling down is the easiest way to dispatch the warlock.

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