Spell book (missile)
Health  ? HP
Damage 41
Experience 1 XP
Range Ranged (Special)
Difficulty Easy
Attributes Hostile, Caster
Loot Spell book (missile)

The warlock is an undead mage that inhabits the dungeon. 

Description Edit

The warlock is a talented mage of great power whose body has undergone significant change due to dealing with dark magics. His rotting flesh has turned a sickeningly green color and he wears a faded red mage robe and hood. His robes are held together by a brown leather belt and wears brown leather boots. He carries around a spellbook that has become weathered with age.

Abilities Edit

The warlock can cast a green magic missile that is larger than the player's and deals significant damage.

Behavior Edit

The warlock tends to patrol the dungeon floor. He is always seen as having a magic missile armed, so the green light it gives off reveals its location. When approached, the warlock fires magic missiles while slowly walking backwards.

History Edit

Kickstarter demo 1 - added to the game

Field Notes Edit

The warlock is a fairly straightforward monster to conquer - his magic missile, while heat seeking, is easily destroyed with a single swing of a melee weapon. Getting in his face when his magic is cooling down is the easiest way to dispatch the warlock.