Description Edit

The Wizard Staff is the starting weapon for the Wizard class. Attacking with the staff will cause it to shoot out a slow, blue projectile that acts like the Magic Missile spell. The projectiles it spawns can still be killed, like all magic missile versions. For a starting weapon, it's quite powerful, doing approximately 31 damage to enemies on level 1. Attacking with the staff immediately after firing a missile will cause the Wizard to do a extremely short range melee attack (the same attack range as a Punch). While the melee damage will be determined on your strength, the staff can have a power enchantment, increasing your melee damage with the staff. It should be noted that the Wizard's Staff's damage will increase each time the Wizard levels up. This also affects all magic missile spells.

Stats Edit

  • ~31 Damage at level 1. Damage increases with level up.
  • Extremely low range (Same range as Punch)
  • Projectile HP is around 10.

Images Edit

Wizard Staff
Magic missle

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